Residential Pools – Small to Luxury

Swimming pools are a fantastic place to hang out with friends, exercise or enjoy a good time outdoors. However, constructing a swimming facility can be a daunting task, hence the need to have a proper plan in place. Our company has been in the pool construction business for decades now, and we know the ins and outs of what it takes to create a magnificent pool. Here are a few pool construction tips we have compiled to make your project easier and cost effective.

Proper construction and an enjoyable construction experience are a combination of proper planning and permitting, design, shape, depth, surface, and aesthetics. When done correctly, your new pool will be the focus point of your home. Call on London Pools for ideas, design and a free quote.

Commercial Community and HOA Pool Construction

Community pools require all of the same considerations as a residential pool plus a few more. Community pools are larger, have far more drainage and processing requirements and wil incur more wear and tear. The surfaces have to stand up to time, kids, the elements, cleaning and more.

In luxury or upscale communities, the materials are likely to be more exotic and have to maintain their appearance over time. The pool, pool house and community center is expected to look as good in year 15 as it did in year one. Our design specialists know exactly what you need. Call today.

Let Us Handle Pool Fencing, Enclosures, Resurfacing and Repairs Too!

Fencing: This is something that is often recommended but rarely followed. It is essential that you surround your pool with an appropriate barrier. The fencing should have a self-latching gate. If no one is using the swimming pool, make sure that you cover the pool and also lock the gate. Get in touch with our company’s representative today for specialized fencing around your swimming pool.

We provide a comprehensive selection of vinyl, wood, aluminum, steel, mesh and glass pool fences. The selection is often a combination of budget, appearance, maintenance, and state requirements. We will work with you the make sure that all of the bases are covered and that your pool is enclosed with a safety fence that you need and like.

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